Monday, January 26, 2009

Just a Couple of Quickies...

I thought I should probably come up with some very good reason for not posting in a while, but, um, I'm drawing a blank. Franky, I have just been on the lazy side of life. Oh well. It happens.


Driving back from lunch this past weekend, my husband and I were having a conversation about various errands we needed to run. The kids were in the back seat (not arguing with each other for once) and really, I thought that they both might take a quick snooze. But Sabrina (6), who always needs to be a part of our every conversation, piped in with, "Huh? What are ya'll talking about? What do you need to do to the car? Or is this one of those A B conversations and I need to C my way out?" My husband responded (with only a trace of aggravation I thought), "Nothing you need to worry about - just grown up stuff."

A good four seconds of silence.

"Mom? What does 'a**hole' mean?"


Remember that post I did about the ever-growing mountain of laundry at my house? No? Okay then - click here.

Well, last week the Town of Framingham confirmed my gripe about doing too much laundry. They actually sent me a very official letter saying that I needed to take a break, kick my feet up, and read a good book.


Actually they sent me a letter saying that our water consumption has sky rocketed these past few months and we should check for water leaks and running toilets. Oh, and to expect a much higher bill. No water leaks or cranky toilets here, so I can only assume it is the laundry. So, yeah, I'm parking my butt on the couch for a while. And just in case anyone complains about not having clean socks, I've placed that thoughtful letter from the Town right on top of the washing machine as a gentle reminder that we all need to do our part to conserve and preserve (my sanity, that is).


Melissa said...

Oh, you lucky, lucky girl! Right now I'm trying to use the excuse that we get paid in a couple days so I'll get laundry detergent then.

Well, gotta to falsify a letter from the town.

Tyler James said...

Great post Candi. Interesting note from the 'Ham. Who knew they were paying attention? Now I'll C my way out.

Melissa said...

What the heck, where've you been?