Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunshine On My Shoulders...

Apparently my children have trust issues.

When Sabrina (6) was diagnosed with allergies and we decided to go the allergy shot route, I told her not to worry, that the shots would not hurt. Much. After all, her brother had been getting the same shots for a year and he never even flinched. But I guess Sabrina has a much lower pain tolerance.

And when we were talking about all the cool things that we could do in the snow, I said that I could not wait to build a snow fort with them. And I even bought myself a pair of good gloves (they're pink and fluffy!). But guys, that snow is awfully cold. And somehow I never lasted outside long enough to build anything more than a wimpy snowball.

And on our recent excursion to New York City, I assured them that the city would be fun. No doubt they had a Willy Wonka type of fun in mind, but instead got a whole bunch of "My God, we are in a Prada store - DON"T TOUCH ANYTHING!!"

So yesterday when I told the kids that it was warm enough to go outside and play, they both kinda rolled their eyes and then went back to playing on Club Penguin. An hour later I insisted they get changed out of pjs -right this minute- and I promised a trip to the park.

"But it's cold outside (insert best six year old whine here)."
No it's not - it's warm! Trust me!

Again with the eye rolling.

"Just for a little bit, then we will go to Target and get a pretzel."

THAT finally got them moving.

And guess what? After about five minutes, both kids were actually sweating and had to take off the little jackets they insisted on wearing.

Sunshine is delicious!


Tyler said...

Looks like you had fun! Is that Danforth Park? Looks just like it. If so, that's nearly right across the street from my house! We were there on Saturday and would have been there yesterday if my little guy didn't have a stomach bug.

Candy's daily Dandy said...

Every time I take my kids to do something fun, I get the whine and the gratuitous, "I dont want to". After MUCH prodding from us, and they finally do whatever it is we are doing,I always get a simple, "you were right mom."

Happens to the best of us.

Adam, Lynsie and Tristan! said...

you had me at pretzle, my dear! How cute and entertaining your family seems! It's kinda funny to read a complete strangers blog and find things that you never thought you would ever find someone else out there to relate to. (amazingly ridiculous family related issues) I hope you had fun with your sister! Thanks for stopping by my blog!